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Introduction to Case Studies

The National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD) developed four case studies highlighting the experiences of STD programs and clinics that are currently billing third-party payers for STD-related services, or are in the process of developing a plan and laying the groundwork to implement a third-party billing practice.  These cases studies offer real world examples of partnerships and business models for building relationships with third-party payers.

Below is a list of the sites explored in each case study along with a snapshot of what is unique about each site.

Denver Metro Health Clinic
Denver, CO

  • Emerging model of third-party billing practice
  • Integrated sexual health services (FP/STD/HIV)

Multnomah County STD Clinic
Portland, OR

  • Categorical STD Clinic
  • Third-party billing practice in a clinical setting
  • Collaboration with billing office serving the entire Health Department

Red Door Services
Minneapolis, MN

  • Overall public health setting, co-housed with other clinics
  • Long-standing and well-honed system support

Philadelphia High-school STD Screening Program 
Philadelphia, PA

  • Third-party billing for school-based screening program
  • Collaboration between the Philadelphia STD Control Program and the Family Planning Council