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Program Operations Workgroup

The Program Operations work group consists of a variety of members from project areas across the country. The strength of this group and scope of work is dependent upon the diversity of membership. Therefore it is essential that this group has a make up of representative from various morbidity sizes as well as both urban and rural representation. The group was founded with the vision of promoting effective STD programs that reduce STD transmission. To achieve this vision, we have a mission of creating a forum to facilitate sharing of information and practices between programs and to facilitate the development of programmatic benchmarks/standards. To achieve this mission; the standing goals and projects of this group are as follows:

1. Develop method of sharing programmatic resources and materials in conjunction with core components

2. Develop method for evaluating yield of DIS activities

3. Identify gaps in services provided by CDC programming and provide feedback to CDC

4. Identify gaps in services provided through the DSTD Prevention Training Centers and provide recommendations to CDC

5. Develop methods of evaluation to ensure the greatest yield from developed interventions

6. Solicit and/or develop models for integration of STD/HIV/ Viral Hepatitis programs/services ensuring integrity of STD primary and secondary prevention and intervention programs

7. Solicit ideas for future performance measures

8. Develop strategies to raise performance measures to meet level of analysis and effectiveness

9. Assist CDC in the development of benchmarks/standards for current performance measures

10. Assist CDC in the development of methods for ensuring valid data reporting for measures

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