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NCSD Federal Policy Update - July 13, 2012

NCSD Joins Unprecedented Effort to Protect Discretionary Funding

This week, NCSD joined members from the nondefense discretionary (NDD) community in delivering a letter to Congress, urging leaders to avert sequestration by adopting a “balanced approach to deficit reduction that does not include further cuts to NDD programs.” Joining NCSD in this effort are nearly 3,000 national, state, and local organizations from all fifty states representing the health, education, public safety communities, among others. A full version of the letter can be found here.

This unprecedented effort, of which NCSD is a strong proponent, brings together thousands of diverse issue-focused groups to show the importance of nondefense discretionary programs and to tell Congress that these programs can no longer bear the brunt of deficit reduction efforts. Rarely, if ever, do this many (almost 3,000!) of varied groups come together on one letter to Congress.

As a reminder, sequestration is a series of across-the-board cuts to the majority of federal programs that was set up through the Budget and Control Act passed last August. If the law is not changed, starting January 2013, all nondefense discretionary programs (which are nondefense programs that those that Congress funds annually through the appropriations process, such as funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) will be cut by 8.4% and large cuts like this will continue every year until 2021. NCSD will continue to work with the signers of this letter and other coalition partners to educate policymakers on the need to protect STD programs, as well as all nondefense discretionary programs, from further cuts.

In addition, this week NCSD brought a number of members to Washington DC to educate Members of Congress and their staff on to good work being done by STD programs across the country. In one day, NCSD members met with representatives from 15 different Congressional offices. Thank you to those who participated; it was a great day!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact NCSD’s Manager, Policy and Communications, Stephanie Arnold Pang, at or 202-715-3865.