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Developing a Referral System for Sexual Health Services



As a part of our focus on adolescent sexual health and their access to sexual health services (SHS), NCSD and CAI (Cicatelli Associates Inc.) collaboratively developed the “Developing a Referral System for Sexual Health Services: An Implementation Tool Kit” and the “Establishing Organizational Partnerships to Increase Student Access to Sexual Health Services: A resource Guide for Education Agencies.” These resources provide framework for developing and implementing a referral system to link youth to school or community based sexual health services.

These toolkits and guides can be best utilized by education agencies and youth serving agencies working to increase student’s access to sexual health services by increasing student’s awareness of school and community based SHS providers, increasing referrals of students to schools and communities based SHS, and increasing the number of adolescents receiving key SHS.

*NOVEMBER 2016 UPDATE: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) signed on to co-brand these resources. 

For any questions regarding these materials, or on matters of adolescent sexual health, please reach out to NCSD’s Senior Program Manager, Adolescent Sexual Health, Sara Stahlberg. 

Date Published: 
Tuesday, November 22, 2016