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Presentations from the 2011 NCSD Annual Meeting

The NCSD 2011 Annual Meeting provided participants with meaningful information and practical insights regarding STD prevention and control. It was a great opportunity for NCSD members and colleagues to focus awareness in the areas of Public Health and the Impacts of Health Care Reform, Social Determinants of Health, Third Party Billing, STD Prevention Among Special Populations, The National AIDS Strategy, as well as many other important topics within the field of STD prevention.
Tuesday – November 1, 2011
Workshops Focused on Health Equities and Special Populations
Why are High-Risk Sexual Behaviors, STDs and HIV Infections Increasing Among Men Who Have Sex With Men?
Promoting STD Testing Among Adolescents
How Should STD Programs Respond to the Interaction of STDs and HIV?
Locked Up, Not Messed Up: Screening Initiatives for a Vulnerable   Population
 Addressing Health Care Disparities Among Transgender People
Wednesday – November 2, 2011
Breakfast Session - It’s Here: A Rapid Syphilis Test and Its Implications for the Field
Welcome from NCSD’s Board Chair
Update from the CDC Division of STD Prevention
Expanding Capacity, Improving Services: Partnering With Community Health Centers
Multi-Drug Resistant Gonorrhea: Challenge after Challenge
National Advocacy: Where We Are and What’s Next
On the Road to 2014: Impacts of Healthcare Reform on STDs and Sexual Health
State of the States: Maintaining Program Capacity in a Changing Public Health Environment
Thursday – November 3, 2011
Third Party Billing and Fees Collection
 Lunch Session – STD Smack Down!
 The Integration Spectrum
Update from Prevention Training Center: STD/HIV Evidence-Based Interventions, and New Directions in STD Program Management and Partner Services Training
Coming to America: Sexual Health
Susan Robinson, CDC / NCHHSTP 
Innovations in EPT Implementation and Evaluation
Internet Partner Services: Demands for a Growing Resource
The (Mostly) Un-Reportables: An Update on HPV, HSV and Trichomoniasis
Friday – November 4, 2011
Breakfast Session: The National HIV/AIDS Strategy, the National Prevention Strategy and the Role of Sexual Health
Security and Confidentiality Guidelines for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Disease, and Tuberculosis Programs:   Minimum Standards to Facilitate Data Sharing and Use of Surveillance Data for Public Health  Action
Date Published: 
Friday, November 18, 2011

Highlighted Resources

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Third Trimester ScreeningNCSD has published a resource on Third Trimester Screening for Syphilis and HIV.